Wisconsin Journalist Kevin Glowicki Penalized For Speaking Against Racism

 Just one more journalist forced to take a time out during the 2020 Civil Rights movement. 

Tuesday night, I got a notification on Facebook, one of the live-streamers I follow, Never Stop Media, had gone live. Earlier that day, he did an interview with a local webcast called Raw Topic. The live Tuesday night was supposed to be a follow-up and Q&A session with his followers about the interview. It didn’t turn out that way. 

Kevin Glowicki the CEO and face of Never Stop Media gave one of the most passionate anti-racist rants that I’ve seen in a while. It wasn’t even about the words that he used as much as it was about passion. When he spoke, you could tell what he was speaking about was important to him and he meant what he said. 

I intended on writing about it, I sent a message, and asked him if I could clip the video, but it was starting to get late and I had to crash. When I woke up the next day, I saw this on my Facebook feed: 

It was posted in a Facebook group I was in with a friend of Kevin. He got hit with a 30 suspension from Facebook. 

So, what was his passionate rant about?

Anyone who has watched any protest or civil rights march on Facebook knows that as soon as the stream starts picking up viewers, the racists start rolling into the chats in droves. They repeat the same things over and over again, on every stream, “white lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, Trump 2020, BLM are terrorists, etc.” There is rarely an ounce of originality among them. 

While Kevin was having his Q&A session with his viewers, as usual, the racists began appearing in the chat. Kevin just wasn’t having it that night. So, he started bating them. He would say Black lives matter and they would respond with their hate rhetoric. He did this because he wanted to expose them, to show everyone the racism that is happening today. 

We are at a time in history where racism SHOULD be exposed. 

These people know that racism is wrong. They do it anyway. Perhaps they have grown so comfortable with being racist, that change is something they can’t embrace. Perhaps everyone they know is racist too and they have no fear of being exposed. Or perhaps after four years of Trump, they have been led to believe that white supremacy in America is ok again. 

In the interview that Kevin did earlier that day, he made some important comments. As a nation, we need to be having these conversations. It’s how we will heal. 

When he was asked about the bulletproof vest that he’s frequently seen wearing and about some of the death threats and harassment he’s received, he said this: 

“I’m filming a lot of stuff that we could pretend doesn’t exist. We could turn our heads. Sadly enough, I was one of those people, as well. It was very easy for me to turn my head. It was very easy for me to pretend this didn’t exist.”

The interviewer asked Kevin, “Would that make you a racist?”

Kevin replied, saying it wasn’t about racism, it was about white privilege. 

That’s brutal honesty. 

For those people out there who continue to deny the severity of white supremacy in America, it doesn’t necessarily make them a racist, but it does mean they may be drowning in their own white privilege. 

White privilege allows white people to never experience or even witness the degree of racism that is done against Black and brown Americans. Until a white person can come to terms with their own white privilege, they may never be willing to recognize the atrocities being done in America to people who look different than them. 

Kevin went on, “I’m highlighting and exposing stuff that people want to keep behind closed doors. If you’re so racist and you believe in those thoughts and ideologies, why are you keeping it in your own home? Why are you not out there blatantly showing it?”

He hit the hammer on the head. These racists know that they are wrong because if they thought they were right, they wouldn’t try and hide it. 

By exposing racism in the Milwaukee area where Kevin is located, it’s included exposing racial bias in local police departments and politicians. These people don’t want to be exposed and there are many who blindly subscribe to their ideologies who don’t want them exposed either. This has led to several people trying to discredit Kevin, they’ve doxxed, and he gets a steady stream of threats. 

What opened his eyes?

He said, “The more that I’m seeing and the more that I’m filming different situations… As human beings, we’re going to connect with other human beings. For months, I’ve said, I feel safer with protesters than I do anywhere near law enforcement. When it comes to protesters or marches that I’ve been filming, the amount of love that protesters have for each other, they also have for their community.”

The Revolution, which Kevin has Witnessed this year has opened his eyes and gave him a new perspective on the ongoing struggle of millions of Americans. 

After the interview, when Kevin was having his Q&A session, you could hear it in his voice. He was woke, he was angry, and he was ready for change. 

Yesterday he put out this statement regarding his Facebook ban:

As Kevin has been Witnessing the Revolution, he has been helping the rest of us Witness as well. Although he’ll be silent on Facebook for the next 30 days, you can still find him on YouTube and Instagram

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