Wauwatosa Police, Racial Bias, And The Targeting Of Black Protesters

(Update: both Never Stop Media and I were contacted by the Trumper who was used as an example in this article about police bias. Kevin at Never Stop Media recorded the interaction with the man. The Trumper in this article, whom we never identified, didn’t feel as if our story about police bias was representing him fairly. If you are interested in hearing “his side,” you can see it here. This article was written to demonstrate the racial bias happening by the Wauwatosa Police Department.  (Revolution Witness stands by our position, that systematic racism is hurting and killing the Black community.)

The Revolution continues in Wauwatosa, WI. 

Last week, after the announcement that there would be no charges against the police officer that murdered Alvin Cole, Wauwatosa, WI issued a curfew in fear of riots breaking out. They were under curfew for five days and during that time they arrested several dozens of protesters for being out past the curfew time. 

Wauwatosa also stopped a local independent journalist, Kevin from Never Stop Media, while being out past curfew. Kevin had relied on a ride from someone. When Kevin’s ride ran down the street to ask him for directions back to his car, the cops pulled over and began to harass them. Kevin had press credentials, but his ride did not. They detained him for over 30 minutes, more than a dozen police officers showed up, but eventually, they let him go.

Never Stop Media has also documented other protesters being arrested for being out past curfew, as have other local streamers. 

The majority of people arrested after curfew have been Black, but also they have arrested allies who were standing with Black Lives Matter. 

Racial bias. 

On Tuesday, October 13, Kevin at Never Stop Media went live to expose documented racial bias and how systematic racism was operating in Wisconsin. 

Kevin happened to be privy to or come across videos posted by a Trumper, which he played during his live stream. During those same five days that Wauwatosa was under curfew and police were arresting Black protesters and their allies by the dozens, armed white people were allowed to freely travel around town, follow police vehicles, approach police, and gather on the side of the road. 

During all of these videos, the white people who recorded them broke the law in multiple ways, made jokes about killing people on their live streams, and kept a loaded .50 caliber rifle next to them for easy access. 

Aside from the racial difference, the only noticeable difference between the Trumper who made the videos and the protesters was the Trumper had multiple American flags flying from the back of the truck. Here is the same truck the Trumper was driving during the daylight. 

What did the Trumper record himself doing?

Aside from breaking curfew, which Wauwatosa was actively enforcing for protesters, he was caught on video with a group of his buddies on the side of the road waving American flags. During this time, many police vehicles drove past and none stopped to talk to them or see what they were doing. 

However, when the Trumper saw someone across the street he said, “Can I put a dot on his forehead?” Implying he would aim a gun with a laser at the guys head. He also said that Wauwatosa was going to be a Kenosha 2.0, implying the murder of protesters. 

At one point in the video, the Trumper and a woman he was with got out of their vehicle to record police closing in on protesters, as if they were recording trauma porn. 

The Trumper wasn’t sure where to go to find “the action,” so he followed police vehicles hoping to find some drama. 

On top of that, according to Wisconsin Gun Transport Laws, you are not to have a loaded long gun in your vehicle. Before transporting a long gun, it must be unloaded or in a case. Not only did the Trumper have a loaded long gun, which he kept between the driver and passenger seat, he also had loaded it while in the truck. 

This Trumper was not credentialed press.

This is important because Never Stop Media had already documented his ride being detained and harassed for over 30 minutes for not having press credentials. The Trumper however was not stopped at all, perhaps because of the Ameican flags waving from the back of his truck.

Never Stop Media had also recorded police saying they watch all of the live streams in Wauwatosa. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, police are watching every live feed they can find of the Revolution all around the country, the FBI, too. However, if they were watching the Trumper’s feed, they would have known he wasn’t credentialed press, they would have known he was making jokes about killing people while carrying a .50 caliber rifle, they would have known he was following them, and they would have known he was transporting that rifle illegally. 

This Trumper openly backed the blue, flew American flags from his truck, and had an open disdain for protesters. 

The protesters arrested in Wauwatosa were protesting police brutality. 

This is not what fair and equal justice look like. Follow Never Stop Media follow on Facebook and Instagram, to learn more about the truth in the Milwaukee metro area. 

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