People Who Are Unaware Of What’s Happening In America Today

This morning a group chat with a few family members, an older white relative sent a video from PragerU. I responded, “All this woman is, is a tokenized messenger, who is brainwashed and likely monetarily compensated to repeat a white supremacist narrative. It’s gross.” 

The responses I got were like, “wow” and “she just has a different opinion.” By that time I was in the car driving, but I wanted to respond, so I called them on Facetime.

I start talking about what this country is going through right now, and the things happening in every city in America. 

The response was, that I have become radicalized and how it was hard to talk to me because I wasn’t willing to see other’s opinions. 

The conversation moved to how today we are expecting the grand jury in Louisville to come back on whether or not charges will be brought against the police who killed Breonna Taylor. I said to my relative how I had anxiety over this. She said, “Why? It has nothing to do with you. And it’s in Kentucky, far away from here.” I had to remind her that I have Black children and that race issues in America very much have to do with me because I love people who are of different races. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Kentucky, these are things that are happening all over America. 

I proceeded to tell her about how Louisville had declared a State of Emergency in preparation for an unfavorable grand jury decision. She said, “Oh, yes. I heard that.”

Then I told her about how the Oathkeepers and Boogaloo Boys were headed to Louisville as well.

She was like, “Who? Who are they?”

Then I proceeded to tell her about how on Saturday, September 5th, the world watched as 1,000 armed white men marched into Louisville, KY, and clashed with peaceful protesters. The protesters had been out there for 101 days straight calling for justices in the Breonna Taylor murder. 

She was surprised. She never heard about it.  

There are many clips of the entire incident, the fights which almost broke out, the militia retreating, and  the police completely absent from sight. One of the most stunning clips from the entire ordeal was when the protesters had to explain things to the militia. 

I follow independent media and am active online. I saw all of these things.

But I remember on September 5th, while these militiamen were marching into town, switching on national media, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, hell even OAN. It wasn’t on any of these channels. I don’t think they even had any reporters down there. 

So, when telling her all of these things that are happening with groups she never even heard of, I came off sounding like a “radical,” but if anyone was truly paying attention to what’s going on in America right now, they may have the same concerns as the people who have been paying attention. 

People pulling guns on protesters has become a regular thing. Cars running through protesters have become a regular thing. Armed militia showing up to peaceful protests has become a regular thing.  

Right now, in America, millions of people are taking to the streets every single day to stand up against white supremacy.

In nearly every large city and many small towns, people are taking to the streets EVERY DAY. But a large segment in America doesn’t even know this is going on, because their chosen news source isn’t telling them and their social media connections are not standing up for Black lives. 

On top of the fact that there is a battle to end white supremacy in this country, our orange leader is trying to further push this country back towards ensuring that white people are the superior race. Just this month: 

And the month isn’t even over yet. 

So, as millions of Americans have literally taken to the streets to fight white supremacy, the orange one is doing everything he can to dial it up. And in the meanwhile, millions of more Americans aren’t even aware this is happening. Don’t say November can’t come soon enough, because we are really waiting for January 20, and that day can’t come soon enough. 

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