Trump Group With Ties To Domestic Terrorists Stalk Wisconsin Journalist

This is just one of million consequences of a radicalized

Back in October, we wrote about how police were targeting Black people unfairly in Wauwatosa, WI. That article was based on a journalist in Wisconsin’s footage, Kevin from Never Stop Media. It highlighted the leader of a Trump group in the Milwaukee area who recorded himself driving around past curfew, bragging about his guns, and making jokes about killing people.

Our article was meant to show the demonstrate the racial bias happening by the Wauwatosa Police Department. The Trumper used as an example was never identified. However, the person was upset that he and his footage were used as examples in Kevin’s video and Revolution Witness’ article…even though he was never identified. This person contacted Revolution Witness demanding we retract our story and sent us several messages about “both sides.”

Ultimately, here is the statement we put out:

(Update: both Never Stop Media and I were contacted by the Trumper who was used as an example in this article about police bias. Kevin at Never Stop Media recorded the interaction with the man. The Trumper in this article, whom we never identified, didn’t feel as if our story about police bias was representing him fairly. If you are interested in hearing “his side,” you can see it here. This article was written to demonstrate the racial bias happening by the Wauwatosa Police Department.  (Revolution Witness stands by our position, that systematic racism is hurting and killing the Black community.)

The story didn’t end there.

Although, the person stopped contacting me, he continued to target Kevin at Never Stop Media. Not only that, he’s in some type of gang and got all of his flunkies to also target Kevin. They attacked him online. They would spam reports to Facebook, every time Kevin went live. Although, they were all fraudulent reports, the Facebook bot bans on the number of reports and not whether they are accurate or not. This has impacted Kevin’s ability to put hit content out to his fans and followers. It has also impacted his ability to produce an income.

These people who have targeted Kevin have sent him death threats, stalked him, and even made threats involving his 6-year-old child. The leader of the Trumper gang recently posted online his support for the domestic terrorist organization, 3%ers and the 1776 movement.

For his own physical safety, Kevin has had to move five times, after they learned his location again and again.

Then, in a complete Karate Kid v The Skeletons moment, they showed up at his hotel to intimidate him. And he caught it all on video.

While obvious these Ku Klux Klan tactics were done to try and scare Kevin, it didn’t work. Against the pleas of his viewers, Kevin put on his bullet proof vest and went outside. However, by the time he made it out, they had all driven away.

The incident was also caught on the hotel’s security cameras.

Who fucking does that?

This is what happens when the school yard bully grows up unchecked.

The Confederate flag is flown off of their pickup truck, even though Wisconsin was a Union State, signifying to everyone they drive passed, they are true dedicated racists.

Unfortunately, this is not unique to Kevin or Wisconsin.

Incidents like this are happening from Trump people all around the country. January 6th was a large domestic terrorism incident perpetuated by these people, because they have been doing the same things in their own towns for a year now.

When you are an adult and you gather other adults, then target a activist or journalist you don’t like in this way, you are actively taken part in domestic terrorism. And in this day in age, when there are cameras everywhere, you will get caught. Even if the legal consequences haven’t caught up with you yet. Eventually, they will.

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