This Anti-Racist Activist Is A One Woman Army

If only we could clone her, we could irradicate white supremacy in America.

Jessica Luther Rummel is an anti-racist activist in North Texas who has been turning a few heads. She’s been using her voice and her white privilege all year long at protests in North Texas while standing up to hatred and racism. I would love to link some of her earlier videos, however because of trolls on Facebook, she’s lost several of them to the Gods of Facebook. 

On Friday, October 23, Jessica joined a group called De-Confederate Kaufman, in Kaufman County for an educational demonstration they put on against the Confederate statue at the county courthouse. 

The Revolution is happening all over America, but it’s important to understand that in southern states, like Texas, much of the Revolution includes fighting the Confederacy and the Confederacy is alive and thriving in the south.

In Kaufman, Texas there is a lot of racist oppression.

The De-Confederate group has roughly 30 members, however many of them didn’t show up this day because of the number of online threats they had been receiving. Kaufman has a local Facebook group called, Kaufman County Breaking News, where residents openly talk about running their Black neighbors out of town, specifically for being against the Confederacy.

What has happened at their previous protests in Kaufman is peaceful protesters have been accosted, harassed, threatened, and assaulted. These oppressors show up with Confederate flags, guns, and half of them belonged to the Texas Militia. This October 23rd protest was no different. 

Balls of steel?

Jessica is someone that is constantly told she has big balls or balls of steel, but it’s the description she won’t embrace. I asked her why, she told me it’s because it infers that only people with balls can be courageous, but women are just as capable of being brave.

Jessica is an anti-racist activist and when protests and demonstrations regarding Black liberation are met with armed white militia or Confederates, she does two things. First, she documents their behavior and identities. Secondly, she calls them out on their behavior, because it’s fucking inappropriate. What normal, sane, and non-racist person says, “Hey look, there are people protesting racism, let’s get our guns, put on camouflage, and go up there to get in their faces?” They don’t.

By documenting these fools and live streaming at the same time, it has had some unintended consequences…for the aggressor. Back in July, one of the militia people was inadvertently doxxed on Jessica’s live stream. She clipped it, and uploaded it to TikTok where it now has over 1 million views and was shared by celebrities and picked up by blogs all around the internet. 

What happens when aggressors and police are called out?

In Gainesville, TX where Jessica has become a regular, standing with the local group there who is trying to get their Confederate statue removed, Jessica’s presence and tactics have dwindled the size of the crowd of aggressors from hundreds to none. 

How did that happen? 

During protests, Jessica would approach the aggressors and point out to them their behavior was racist and inappropriate all while live streaming. This, in turn, embarrassed the aggressors, allegedly has caused some to lose their job, and in one case even led to one aggressor’s divorce. 

Jessica has said repeatedly, the point is to make white supremacy uncomfortable, to de-normalize white supremacy. In Gainesville, Texas, for one, that’s been happening. 

Another outcome of Jessica’s presence while documenting these events in Gainesville, is she’s been able to get law enforcement to equally enforce the law. During the early days of Gainesville’s protests, law enforcement was documented repeatedly harassing protesters and turning their heads when the counter-protesters would assault or point weapons at the protestors. Yet, Jessica has called them out on it, time and time again, and in recent weeks police have not been targeting protesters during their protests. 

Jessica Luther Rummel is educated. 

She teaches locally, has degrees in both history and theology, and wrote her thesis on white supremacy. This comes in handy when these idiots who think they still belong to the Confederacy come out and don’t even know their own history. Jessica educates them on facts and historical documents, most of which they deny because they never read the historical documents and only repeat the Lost Cause talking points. 

The people who come out to protests are uneducated and deep within the Q side of the internet. When she hits them with facts, they usually have nothing to say to her but to call her names and spout racial bigotry. 

The Kaufman protest ended early. 

The police asked the peaceful protesters to leave, even though there were over a dozen law enforcement officials out there because they said they didn’t think they would be able to keep the protesters safe. Safe from who? The bigots, white supremacists, and militia who came out to terrorize their neighbors in the name of a racist statue. 

Jessica Luther Rummel is setting a new standard in these small Texas towns where Black and brown residents, along with their allies are done with being threatened by white supremacy and the Confederacy. What America needs most right now is people like her who are willing to stand against hate and racism. 

The Revolution is happening in rural Texas and we are witnessing it in real-time. 
Here is the full video from the Kaufman event.

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