Seditious Senator Josh Hawley Lied About Peaceful Protest His DC House

Democracy is under attack and Hawley’s sedition and lies are fanning the flames.

Last night a small group of DC residents showed up at Josh Hawley’s DC home to have a vigil for democracy. Josh Hawley is the Republican Senator from Missouri who is planning on objecting to certify Joe Biden as president, even though he won the election, (one of a dozen).

What Hawley and other Republicans are doing, are attempting to disenfranchise millions of people, overturn the election, disregard the Constitution, and turn America into a fascist state. America should be happy that there are people out there using their first amendment rights to stand up to this attack on democracy.

More so, as part of this clown show that Republicans putting on, Trump has put out a call to action for violent extremists to come to DC and attack the community. Hawley and other Republicans have been self-serving and irresponsible.

The entire protest in front of Hawley’s home was caught on video:

The group of about a dozen protesters, several of them elderly, most of them white, all wore bright colors, (so they could be seen in the dark). They held candles.

The protesters were out there for about 45 minutes, during that time, two of them spoke on the bullhorn about Hawley’s attack on democracy. At one point of of the protesters knocked on the door and rang the door bell.

The protesters were legitimately wanting to have a conversation with Hawley and they promised to be back every day until they were able to.

The neighbors came out and were mad at the noise. The cops were called. After the protesters were done, they left signs and candles, and headed on their way.

It’s a good thing that it was caught on video, because Hawley flat out lied about what happened.

Not only did he lie, he used terms meant to enflame, like “Antifa scumbags.” He also said his home was vandalized. Except, the entire thing was caught on video and that was also a lie.

Hawley is pushing for violence from the far-right, knowing that they won’t do their own research, or watch the video, instead they will take his word. His lies.

Josh Hawley took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestics. Right now, he is the enemy who is attacking the Constitution and should resign.

If he doesn’t resign, he should not be seated in Congress, arrested, and charged with sedition.

The GOP is trying to stop the Revolution from happening by attempting a coup. We are all Witnessing a moment in history that will never be forgotten.

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