Mother Of Teen Murdered By Cop Was Brutalized By Police Last Night

They may have broken her arm as video caught her repeatedly screaming that she couldn’t breathe. 

On February 2, 2020, 17-year-old Alvin Cole of Wauwatosa, WI was murdered by a police officer. The police officer that killed him, Joseph Mensah, had previously murdered two other people of color over the last five years. Alvin Cole was his third murder. In the previous cases, just as in Alvin’s case, Mensah was found not guilty of wrongdoing in each one of the murders, but both he and the Chief of Police were also caught lying in each one of the murder cases. 

The police, specifically Mensah, reported that Alvin pointed a gun over his shoulder at the cop and shot once before Mensah shot him five times in the back. The only evidence that they provided was a grainy dashcam video that was taken from about a half a mile away, in the dark. 

However, an independent investigation determined that wasn’t true. 

Alvin Cole was murdered. 

While Alvin did have a gun, he never pointed it at officers and he never fired it. In fact, his gun was inoperable. He was surrendering and in a 6-point position when Mensah approached him and shot him in the back, twice. Then, when Alvin fell to the ground, flat on his stomach, Mensah shot him three more times in the back. 

Alvin Cole was the third person murdered by Joseph Mensah. Mensah lied in Alvin’s case and in every other case where he killed someone. Mensah has not lost his job or been charged with any crimes.

THIS is why people in Wauwatosa are protesting. This is why tension in Wauwatosa is high right now. 

Fast forward to last night.  

Thank God for streamers. While a streamer wasn’t out there last night, it was a streamer that informed me about what happened on his own feed while packing up and heading out to the scene. Kevin at Never Stop Media has been on the ground, documenting the Revolution for months. You should follow him on Facebook and Instagram, he’s dedicated to showing the truth about what’s going on in the Milwaukee metro area. 

Once he alerted me (and his entire audience), I started looking around for more information. 

Last night the families of victims of police violence gathered to peacefully protest the police violence. Wauwatosa was under a curfew, so the police decided to arrest the family members for exercising their first amendment rights.  

A state and municipal law that we’ve seen rise during the Revolution is “unlawful assembly law,” which police have mostly used to enforce curfew violations. There has been a lot of debate about this, but the Constitution of the United States of America is clear, Americans have the legal right to peacefully assemble. 

State and municipal ordinances don’t trump the Constitution. There is previous case law about unlawful assembly, none have reached the US SCOTUS, and the previous cases on record conflict with one another. 

The assault and arrests. 

TRIGGER WARNING this video is very hard to hear and includes police brutality and racial trauma. THIS video, uploaded to Facebook last night from Alvin Cole’s sister shows their mother getting ripped out of the car. The cell phone, which the video was being recorded on was dropped on the car floor. It recorded for 15 more minutes. 

During that time, Mrs. Cole could be heard repeatedly saying that she couldn’t breathe. She could be heard crying and repeatedly telling the police, “I’m Alvin Cole’s mother.” She is heard saying that she could feel blood running down her face. And she is heard telling the police how bad her arm hurt. 

They may have broken her arm. 

I am unaware currently as to the extent of her injuries, but she has been hospitalized and was still in the hospital as of this morning. 

Jacob Blake SR, the father of the man shot in Kenosha, WI a few months ago was also at the event. According to Kevin at Never Stop Media, who has friends and connections on the street, Jacob Blake SR was also arrested and released last night. The local ABC affiliate confirms he was at the protest but said it was unclear whether he was arrested or not. 

That’s the problem with local media. 

This is the problem with local media all over the country. They aren’t telling the entire truth and Wisconsin’s local news is no exception. None of the local affiliates reported on the extent of the way Alvin Cole’s mother was brutalized last night. None of them reported that unlawful assembly is likely unconstitutional and the legality of such a law has been contested. 

Even more so, the local affiliates in Wisconsin have repeated the lies told by the police department as if they were reporting the news while ignoring peaceful protests, cries from families, and systematic racism which has plagued our entire country. They don’t care about facts or justice, they only care about ratings and advertisers. 

This is why we need to rely on independent journalists, like Kevin from Never Stop Media, who will get the truth out there. 

The Revolution is coming to Wisconsin and we all need to Witness it. Keep an eye on the Milwaukee area this weekend, as undoubtedly, there will be thousands of people taking to the streets. 

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