KJ Brooks Is Bringing The Revolution To Kansas City

As a new generation of civil rights activists emerges, one Kansas City young lady is standing tall against oppression and racism. 

I wish I could tell you that the Kansas City police department was different or unique from the other police departments all around America, that systematically oppresses and murders Black and brown people. I can’t tell you that, because it wouldn’t be true. Kansas City, just like every other city in America, has a corrupt police department and local politicians complicit with the brutalization of the Black community. 
Just in the last month, a leaked video showed Kansas City police brutalizing a pregnant woman, and reports of citizens having no trust of the KCPD circulate in local media. 
As 2020 has brought us a new Civil Rights Movement, it has also brought us new Civil Rights leaders. In Kansas City, KJ Brooks is one of them. Brooks, who also goes by KJX, is an amazing young woman and at only 20 years old, is making both waves and headlines. 

You may have recently learned about Brooks in her 100% real comments given directly to the Kansas City police commissioners in a now-viral video. If you missed it, here she is:

She’s been fighting against injustice all year. 

As far back as early June on her Instagram, you can find her participating in marches and protests. And this post says it all:

“I can’t believe I’m out here protesting the same shit my grandma was.”
We all can’t believe it, but right now is a time for a change and this beautiful young woman will help bring change to Kansas City. She’s been active in her community since the beginning of the uprising. In July, she was on the local news as part of a group that was handing out money to people in front of the grocery store. The store employees called the police on them and almost a dozen cops showed up and made them leave. 
Think about that. If you are Black and handing money to people who could be in need, as an act of charity, in Kansas City, a dozen cops might show up and chase you away. 

That says a lot about capitalism and the foundations this country was built on. 

On July 18, she made a Facebook post. She started out, “Let’s talk about privilege and the lack of care for other human beings for a minute.” Attached was a video of Brooks and fellow activists storming in Kansas City Live and taking the stage. The activists spoke to the white people who were sitting around at tables sipping on their beers. They spoke about injustice and what has been happening in Kansas City regarding police brutality. It was a non-violent demonstration. Yet, the response from the people there was heart-wrenching. 
Patrons ignored them, ordered their food, played on their phones, continued to eat, and converse with the people at their tables. She attached several pictures showing people doing this while it was all happening. 
She was outraged, as we all should be. Black people are being killed, stripped of their constitutional rights, and still treated as if their lives do not matter. There she was, a Black woman, the voice of a new generation, telling them all about the injustice and how all they wanted was equal and fair chance. Yet, these people couldn’t be bothered for just a few minutes to hear why Black lives matter. 
Unfortunately, this apathy is happening all over the country. It is people like KJ Brooks that will help bring change. 

The Revolution in Kansas City is not being televised… I don’t think. 

If you’ve been following the live streams on Revolution Witness’ Facebook group, I Will Witness, you may not have seen any Kansas City live streams of protests or marches. They’re happening on a regular basis, but we haven’t seen many live streams from there. 
That being said, Kansas City had a federal occupation way back in July. From what we saw in Portland, we know that the Feds were out there to cause violence and get peaceful protesters off of the streets. 
In September, Brooks received a civil and human rights award from the Urban League, SCLC, and the NAACP. An award well deserved. 

Unfortunately, like other activists around the country, KJ Brooks has been a target of threats. 

There has been plenty of racism and hatred directed towards her from the Trump-people, but the Kansas City police have also threatened her. She’s made it a point to cop-watch whenever she sees a Black man being detained by police. Police have arrested her, they have arrested her friends, and lately she’s been stalked by KCPD
Earlier this week she posted on social media on how she thinks KCPD may try to kill her. It’s a real threat to someone like this young lady who has spoke against the racist establishment. She has armed security now and she needs is. KJ Brooks is only 20 years old and has vowed to dedicate her life to Black liberation. 
As a new generation of civil rights leaders is emerging, KJ Brooks is bringing the Revolution to Kansas City, and we all should be proud to Witness it. 
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