Fox News Commentator & Ex-Sheriff Attempts To Incite Violence Against Left

David Clarke’s rhetoric goes beyond kooky, it’s irresponsible. 

Fox News commentator and ex-Milwaulkee Sheriff, David Clarke spoke at a Trump rally on Saturday, November 14, in Milwaukee. While the official name of the event was “Defend the Vote Rally,” by the amount of Trump flags visible, there was no question it was a rally for the orange one. Aside from the number of flags representing the loser of the presidential race, their favorite dictator was the second hottest topic of conversation. The first being these people who are Democrats, liberals, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Communists, Marxists, leftists, fascists, terrorists, and snowflakes…all in one, apparently. 

Milwaukee-based independent journalist, Never Stop Media, captured Clarke’s entire speech. And…wow. While there are some who may be regular Fox viewers and often see the rhetoric spewed by Clarke and those like him. The type of rhetoric being used at this event, by Clarke and other speakers was hateful, violent, and full of conspiracy-ridden propaganda about “the left” and unfounded voter fraud. Here is the video and the breakdown is below. 

There were a few speakers before Clarke took the stage, but Clarke was the only speaker who got a standing ovation. The entire video is 30 minutes long and Clarke gets the mic at about 19 minutes in. 

As the crowd of mostly elderly white people shouted and jeered for this ex-sheriff, he shouted in the mic, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am tired of being pushed around.” The crowd screamed and drown his voice out, then when it became audible again, he said, “Would Dr. Martin Luther King sit down?” 

“NO!” the audience shouted. 

Yeah, that’s how it started. 

A bad comparison. 

 Dr. Martin Luther King JR fought to bring awareness to racism, as well as the end of discrimination and segregation. Clarke, who once quit his job for the chance to place his lips on the orange one’s fat rump compared himself to a man that fought against racism. Then the mostly white audience, who voted for a white nationalist, went along with Clarke’s blasphemous use of Dr. King’s name. 

Then, he said that they “needed to push back against oppression from a tyrannical government,” several in the crowd shouted, “Yeah, that’s right.” 
Trump voters, like Clarke and the zombies who celebrated his words, never said anything about government oppression when the government murdered hundreds of unarmed Black people. They never said anything about government oppression in the American housing system, the justice system, or in education. They never rallied against government oppression, knowing America’s history of wealth-inequality and the intentional disruptions in the Black family units. 

He went on, “This election was stolen and it’s still in the process of being stolen, but that’s a legal point. I want to make another point.” He said that it was time for an uprising against the oppression and tyranny that they’ve been under for too damn long. 

For clarity, Biden was announced the winner only 7 days ago. 

Imagine how awful things must be for them that after 7 days of knowing Biden won the election and a full 67 days before he’s sworn in, that they are having rallies against the tyranny and oppression of Biden winning.

Clarke continued about how “they” gave us 4 years of hell. (By they, he meant the “Antifa fascists.”) Then, he asserted how “they” pushed us around and now it’s our turn. While that seems like a very obvious call to violence, he didn’t stop there, he continued by saying the government was corrupt and how they needed a mass uprising. 

When you watch this video and see how the audience eats up every word he says, it doesn’t seem to dawn on any of them that the current structure of government is Trump’s government and the officials leading each point of oppression are officials that Trump appointed himself….because Biden and his government still have 67 days before they take over. 

Then, a very clear and direct call to violence. 

“They (the left) want to gain power through aggression. Any means necessary is their mindset. We’re going to have to adopt some of those same tactics. We don’t have to lose our souls doing it, but we need to come close, and we need to ask God for forgiveness.”

If the magnitude of Clarke’s words is unclear, this man was a county sheriff for 15 years, an-almost figure-head in the Trump administration, and a regular commentator of a TV station watched by tens of millions of people. Sure, he’s a wacko and an extremist, but he’s speaking to people who have already been brainwashed. As most of us have witnessed this year, the far-right has committed countless acts of violence this year against the “left,” peaceful protesters, and minority groups. 

Less than one month ago, CSIS, a non-partisan group reported that far-right groups are behind nearly all of the domestic terrorism incidents this year. Knowing how violent and unhinged these people already are, Clarke essentially went up there and threw a match in some gasoline and said, “let’s see what happens.”

He still didn’t stop. 

After telling this audience of angry and fired-up, elderly white people that they needed fighters, he said, “we need to get ugly because I know it will get their attention.” 

Then, he spoke about an incident in Burlington, WI that happened only a few days prior. He said that a community meeting was taken over by “these scum bags, Black Lives Matter, intimidating them.”

Those words were not only false but also inflammatory. As it would so happen, Never Stop Media also caught that entire “community meeting” on video. It wasn’t a community meeting, it was a school board meeting. Black Lives Matter didn’t take over the meeting, Black Lives Matter wasn’t even there. While there was a group there that focused on community activism, it wasn’t Black Lives Matter, and many of the people who joined the group’s side, (if you’re choosing sides), were parents, teachers, and students. They just happened to be Black. 

In that meeting, the school board took public comments on implementing an anti-racist curriculum. There were several in the community who spoke in favor of teaching children better, but there were also multiple speakers that said some incredibly racist and ignorant things. When these racists parents read their prepared speeches about hiding white America’s brutality against Black and brown bodies from students, the people who were for the anti-racist curriculum (mostly) listened in silence and allowed them to speak. 

After the last speaker had their 3 minutes, the all-white school board said, “okay, and the next agenda item is…” The group who was at that meeting only then erupted. It wasn’t just the activist group, it was also the people in that room who had been affected by racism. They erupted because they were seeking an immediate resolution. During that meeting, aside from the parents who were racist, we also heard about children who were physically assaulted because of the color of their skin. 
Clarke referred to parents whose children had been physically assaulted for the color of their skin as scum bags while telling a large group of people who voted for white nationalism, that they need to gain power through aggression and get ugly.

The Proud Boys. 

Clarke said then that Milwaulkee needed fighters like the Proud Boys and took out a paper, telling the crowd he would tell them what the proud boys stood for. 

  • Minimal government 
  • Maximum freedom
  • Anti-political correctness
  • Anti-drug war
  • Closed borders
  • Anti-racial guilt
  • Anti-racism
  • Free speech
  • Gun rights
  • Amplifying the entrepreneur 
  • Venerating the housewife
  • Reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism 

It seemed to escape from the people who cheered after, how many of these points are conflicting. Worse, half of the people who cheered for it were women. 

The Revolution is happening, but we can’t forget that half of America is going to try and stop the Revolution from happening. There are some out there that are delusional, angry, and pumped up from a diet of fake news and agitators, like Clarke, who seems to act in his own best interest, for clout or money, rather than the well-being of America. 

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