This Anti-Racist Activist Is A One Woman Army

If only we could clone her, we could irradicate white supremacy in America. Jessica Luther Rummel is an anti-racist activist in North Texas who has been turning a few heads. She’s been using her voice and her white privilege all year long at protests in North Texas while standing up to hatred and racism. I […]

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Progressives In Parker County Hit Troll-Level 9000

This group is amazing. Progressives in Parker County, Texas have had a hard summer. They’ve been assaulted, doxxed, harassed, called racial slurs, and had their lives threatened. And after all of that, they are still standing strong, going strong, and trolling the shit out of local Confederates.  Parker County, Texas is just West of Fort Worth […]

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How One Activist Became Small North Texas Town’s Obsession

On July 1, 2020, in Gainesville, Texas, a local civil rights group, PRO Gainesville held a protest on the courthouse lawn for the removal of a Confederate statue. July 1 also was the first day PRO Gainesville invited Jessica Luther Rummel, an anti-racist activist from the town just south of Gainesville. It also happened to be the day that […]

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