Police Reform

Wauwatosa Police, Racial Bias, And The Targeting Of Black Protesters

(Update: both Never Stop Media and I were contacted by the Trumper who was used as an example in this article about police bias. Kevin at Never Stop Media recorded the interaction with the man. The Trumper in this article, whom we never identified, didn’t feel as if our story about police bias was representing […]

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Mother Of Teen Murdered By Cop Was Brutalized By Police Last Night

They may have broken her arm as video caught her repeatedly screaming that she couldn’t breathe.  On February 2, 2020, 17-year-old Alvin Cole of Wauwatosa, WI was murdered by a police officer. The police officer that killed him, Joseph Mensah, had previously murdered two other people of color over the last five years. Alvin Cole […]

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The Democratic City Lie

We’ve all heard it. Riots and violence have only been happening in Democratic cities and states with Democratic leaders. It’s a complete falsification of not only the events, but it also ignored all of the contributing factors of the small amount of times that protests have erupted in chaos. Recent reports cite that 93% of this […]

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