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Trump Group With Ties To Domestic Terrorists Stalk Wisconsin Journalist

This is just one of million consequences of a radicalized Back in October, we wrote about how police were targeting Black people unfairly in Wauwatosa, WI. That article was based on a journalist in Wisconsin’s footage, Kevin from Never Stop Media. It highlighted the leader of a Trump group in the Milwaukee area who recorded […]

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Wisconsin Journalist Kevin Glowicki Penalized For Speaking Against Racism

 Just one more journalist forced to take a time out during the 2020 Civil Rights movement.  Tuesday night, I got a notification on Facebook, one of the live-streamers I follow, Never Stop Media, had gone live. Earlier that day, he did an interview with a local webcast called Raw Topic. The live Tuesday night was supposed to be […]

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The 502 Streamers In Louisville

There is a revolution taking place all over America. One of the cities which we’ve been watching intently on I Will Witness, is Louisville, KY. The groups in Louisville are dedicated and committed to the movement.  Just as we’ve seen all over this nation, local and mainstream media are not giving the 2020 Civil Rights movement […]

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