Back The Bluers Accuse Police Of Lying To Cover For Antifa

Was that one you had on your BINGO card?

Nope, me neither. But, it’s 2020 and nothing is off of the table, apparently. Earlier today, a racist rally gathered in Denver to all celebrate their love of their orange king and build comradery over their hate of Black and brown people. A group of counter-protesters came out to show their disdain for fascism and as we’ve seen more than over the last several months, it became confrontational. 
One of the Trumpers, who was being hyper-aggressive, went over to the private security guard working for Channel 9 News in Denver and sprayed bear mace in his face. Then, that private security guard, who was there working and not affiliated with either protest, pulled out a gun and shot the Trumper in the face. He died. 
This is a horrible tragedy and shouldn’t have happened. It’s fucking sad. Even though the man who lost his life was probably a lot of things, he was still a human being, and shouldn’t have lost his life. 

Leave it to the right to completely spin what happened. 

Popular right-wing social media influencers have been posting on Twitter and Facebook about how it was Antifa that shot the poor Patriot and OMG, Antifa is so evil and wants to kill us. Except that’s not true. So, The Denver Police department comes out with a statement that says, “The shooter has no affiliation with Antifa.”

Now, the Trumpers saying since the police aren’t following their narrative, “they’re lying.” They are utterly ridiculous. I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of linking their content, but go to Twitter or Facebook and look it up yourself. Several popular fascist influencers are saying that shit out loud. Only further proving that black lives matter is just a dog-whistle for anti-Blac and has nothing to do with supporting police officers. 
Before the Black Lives Matter movement, there was no such thing as back the blue. It was created in direct response to Black people saying their lives matter. The people who support back the blue are primarily older, primarily white, and just about all of them are Trump supporters. 
If they really backed the blue, wouldn’t they believe what Denver PD is telling them? That’s rhetorical, we all know the answer to that. 

There are factions on the right pushing for a civil war. 

Who’s leading these calls for race wars and civil wars? Proud boys, boogaloo boys, Trump supporters, the Ku Klux Klan, back the blue, patriots, you name it. The far-right. These people are constantly fed misinformation that they gobble up as fact. And these social media influencers are feeding them misinformation wrapped in shit and they love it. 
Why are they doing this? Because they love their orange king and are emulating him by stroking violence and hate. 

In the meanwhile. 

Trump still hasn’t disavowed the plot against the governor of Michigan and those very fine white supremacists and proud boys. The Proud Boys are still standing by.
And on top of that, the Denver police didn’t start their sentence with, “first of all, there is no such fucking organization as Antifa.”
America won’t survive another Trump term. Vote.

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