After the senseless murder of George Floyd, the country watched millions of people in every nook and cranny of America take to the streets. It’s never been a secret that injustice and inequality are as American as apple pie. Police brutality, systematic racism, underfunded schools, poverty, and violence are American problems that people face from coast to coast. Enough is enough. From California to Maine, people are fed up. The Revolution is happening because it’s time for change. 

Before the beginning of the 2020 Civil Rights movement, you likely only knew of community activist groups in your own communities, if you even knew about them at all. Then, as live streams were constantly fed to us from Minneapolis, Louisville, Portland, Los Angeles, and dozens of other places, we all started becoming familiar with activists and social justice groups from everywhere. 

The most frustrating part of this Revolution is how the mainstream media mostly ignores what’s happening in the streets every day. Unless there is violence or some type of drama, they won’t cover it. Where I live, in the Dallas area, we have groups who have been protesting every single day for months. If I didn’t know someone in the group or follow them on social media, you won’t know about it. Forget CNN and MSNBC, local media won’t cover it either. Not unless something happens. 

Since their focus is ratings and advertisers, they’d rather focus on a different narrative than Black liberation. It’s important for the world to see what is happening in Austin, Miami, Boise, Newark, or Kansas City. 

Why? Because America is intertwined. National issues affect us all. The systems of injustice built at the foundation of our country affect us all. 

Revolution Witness seeks to put community spotlights on activists, community organizers, and independent media all across the country. The Revolution won’t happen in the dark.