Progressives In Parker County Hit Troll-Level 9000

This group is amazing.

Progressives in Parker County, Texas have had a hard summer. They’ve been assaulted, doxxed, harassed, called racial slurs, and had their lives threatened. And after all of that, they are still standing strong, going strong, and trolling the shit out of local Confederates. 

Parker County, Texas is just West of Fort Worth and has a population of 142,000. They also have a Confederate statue, which sits on the county courthouse lawn in the county seat of Weatherford. In July, they had several peaceful protests calling for the removal of the statue. 

However, their July 25th protest was different than the ones before. 

Racist Trumpers and agitators took to Facebook and started spreading rumors in patriot groups that busloads of Antifa and the NFAC were all headed to the small little shit-kicking town of Weatherford. What transpired afterward was absolutely horrific. 
While joined by another activist group from one town over, the had less than a total of 50 protesters. That day, they were met with hundreds of armed white militia-men, at least 400 militia members were there, (maybe as many as 500). That day, they were confronted with a level of hate that most of us have never seen. Guns and knives were pulled on them, assaults happened, and the n-word was used a lot. 
Most of these aggressors came from other counties and only a small amount of them actually lived there. 
Luckily, they all made it out of there safely. 

They didn’t give up. 

While, after that day they did plan and cancel a few protests, because of the large amounts of racist militias that showed up looking to harass and harm Black people peacefully using their first amendment rights, they still protested
They began having pop-up protests when it became clear that local officials were informing the militias when their protests would be. 
The county voted to leave the statue there, but Progressives of Parker County, Texas have no plans on giving up. 

So, what happened last weekend? 

Every Monday they have a marketplace in the town square. Recently, vendors were banned from selling Confederate flags. This made the Confederates all butt-hurt, so they decided they would protest at the Confederate statue, with their Confederate flags, and in Confederate uniforms.

Progressives in Parker County, Texas had a genius idea and showed up to the Confederate demonstrations, with nerf guns, the white flag of surrender, and a big yellow flag that said, “don’t step on snakes.”

It was fantastic. Troll level 9000. Undoubtedly, the Confederates still don’t know how stupid they look, but PCP’s display really triggered them. 

See the full video of the event HERE

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