The 502 Streamers In Louisville

There is a revolution taking place all over America. One of the cities which we’ve been watching intently on I Will Witness, is Louisville, KY. The groups in Louisville are dedicated and committed to the movement. 

Just as we’ve seen all over this nation, local and mainstream media are not giving the 2020 Civil Rights movement the coverage it deserves. Not only that, the local media in Louisville sends camera crews out to cover these daily protests, and won’t air coverage unless someone is breaking a window or setting a trash can on fire. 

I wrote about the bias of non-biased media on Living Blue in Texas, the other day. Louisville is a perfect example. If we all were just a random Joe watching the TV out of the comfort of our living room, all we would believe is that BLM is rioting in Louisville and burning the town down. That’s not true. 

In Louisville, there are multiple groups and autonomous protests, which large in part have been peaceful. Yet, when Louisville is having around the clock protests in Jefferson Square, (appropriately renamed Injustice Park), and they’re out there for 14 hours a day peacefully exercising their first amendment rights, neither local news nor mainstream media is covering it. Why? 

It’s all about ratings. 

Rioting boosts ratings, while Black liberation does not. Capitalistic greed is ignoring the 2020 Civil Rights movement because it won’t make them enough money. Fuck them. The history books will remember 2020, whether they care about it or not. 

That’s why the #502LiveStreamers are so fundamental to the Revolution happening in Louisville. If it wasn’t for this group of dedicated streamers, the world wouldn’t know the truth. They have all been out there since day one filming and documenting. Unlike the local news crews, who have been chased away from marches, the 502 Live Streamers are openly welcome to march and stand with protesters, because they aren’t out there for ratings. They are out there to document the civil rights movement.

Who are the 502 Live Streamers and what have they caught on video?


Riotheart is one of my favorites, he has hundreds of hours of video which you can find on his Facebook page. He’s been arrested, gassed, chased, and he still shows up every night. Here are some of the moments he has captured:

Chea Woolfolk

Chea Woolfolk is just one of the ladies who have been showing up to capture Louisville’s revolution. Her footage is a critical component in seeing what this movement has been about. Here are some of the moments she has captured: 

Mathew Ballard

Mathew Ballard, (Mathew with one T), is young and adorable. He has stood with Black Lives Matter since day one while documenting the real struggle happening on Louisville streets. Check out some of his footage: 

Other 502 Live Streamers who have been out there since day one, who deserve a shout out are Maxwell MitchellSummer Dickerson, and Wave FM Online.

If you want to know what it happening every night in Louisville, follow the 502 Live Streamers on Facebook. 

The Revolution is being televised, you just have to know where to look. 

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